Ask Tammy: A Whole 30?

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So excited to have my good friend (and one of my favorite people ON THE PLANET) back today for another Ask Tammy. By the way, if y’all have any health or wellness questions for Tammy, email me because I’d love to hear them. Also stay tuned because in January I’ll be giving away a brand new copy the cookbook Tammy co-wrote, A Good Food Day. Of course, if you can’t wait you can always pre-order one right this very second on Amazon. And don’t forget to sign up for Tammy’s newsletter, I do love it when it shows up in my inbox. Now, let’s get to it shall we?

Amy: I’m considering doing a Whole30 in January – any thoughts or red flags?


 image credit: Naturally Ella

From Tammy: 

I’m all for it. As diet programs go, the Whole 30 (and the less strict Paleo) is pretty solid because it focuses on real food, it doesn’t involve calorie-counting or weighing yourself, and it doesn’t promote the bullshit quick-fix mentality of those 3-day juice cleanses. There are no red flags to speak of, but I do have four tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t eat the same foods the whole time. Use your Whole 30 to cook new foods you haven’t tried or that you don’t eat often, instead of nailing baked potatoes, bacon and gobs of almond butter HARD for 30 days. With meat, venture beyond chicken and beef. The same is true for greens – spinach and kale are fantastic, but don’t overlook collards, Swiss chard, bok choy, mustard greens, dandelion greens, etc. Mix it up for optimal benefits and minimal food boredom.
  1. Keep an open mind about your results. The Whole 30 is about reducing inflammation, so think beyond weight loss. It’s likely, but not a given. The tangible results to pay attention to are improved sleep, less digestive ick, more energy, better skin, less sugar cravings, etc. These are the true measures of good health and reduced inflammation.
  1. Along those lines, don’t expect to have the same results as someone (a significant other, a friend) doing the program with you. That’s true for any style of eating you and a bestie decide to try together. We’re all different and no single way of eating works in the same way for everyone. 
  1. At the end of the 30 days, introduce one category from the “no” list at a time (every 5 days is a good rule of thumb), rather than introducing sugar, grains, and beans all in a few days. This way, you can better pinpoint which (if any) of the foods you cut out are problematic for you. This is KEY to any elimination diet, not just Whole 30. 

Gift Guide: The Seinfeld Fan

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In honor of the holiday season may I present: gift ideas for the Seinfeld lover in your life.

Not a Seinfled fan? No problem. Stay tuned as I reveal three more gift guides based on beloved TV shows.

And, did I have way too much fun making these?


oldsweetsong_seinfeldgiftguide1. Juinor Mints, because “(W)ho’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint, it’s delicious.” 2. A Pez dispenser 3. A Black & White cookie “Look to the cookie, Elaine!” 4. A J. Peterman gift card (maybe they still have the Urban Sombrero?) 5. Velvet (for draping yourself in) 6. Trivial Pursuit 7. The perfect cereal bowl 8. Face paint because “ya gotta support the team.” 9. Pretzels (for making you thirsty) 10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Schindler’s List and The Eagles Greatest Hits


Deck The Halls, Y’all

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In honor of what I personally consider to be the official start of the holiday season (Thanksgiving and no sooner), I am hosting a fantastic giveaway from minted. If you don’t know minted you really should. They are a fabulous company and I’m not just saying that because they’re sponsoring this giveaway or because they are covering the costs of my holiday cards (which I’ll share soon). I am saying it because it’s true. They offer beautiful, modern, well-designed high quality paper products. And they do a particularly phenomenal job with holiday cards. The cards offerings are plentiful and unique, and minted is always offering something amazing and cool that makes you say “they do that too?” Last year it was personalized wrapping paper. This year there’s a whole slew of new features and products. Here are my favorites:

Matching envelope designs and recipient addressing I know it will be a pain it the butt to enter all the addresses in but it beats handwriting them all and let’s be honest, even the envelopes should be lovely:


Ornament Cards isn’t it high time your kid (or you) become the star of Christmas trees everywhere?


Foil Pressed Cards after all there’s not such thing as too much sparkle during the holidays:


Are you excited? Is your stationary and paper products loving heart full of joy and delight? I hope so because I am teaming up with the amazing folks at minted to offer one lucky reader a $250 gift certificate towards the custom holiday cards of their choice.

So awesome.

All you have to do is take a look some of minted’s offerings and leave the name of a design you love a lot in the comments. If you share a link to the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter I will add your name a second time just make sure to leave that in the comments as well.

I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, December 3rd.
Good luck!

And happy holidays (officially).

Artist Crush: Eugenia Loli

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The great shower curtain search led me to my newest artist crush: Eugenia Loli. I’ve seen her work before, and I always thought it was fantastic. But I’d never looked at her full collection of works until recently. She only works in collage and her work is odd, sometimes funny and off-putting, but always fascinating. She makes me want to make stuff. And that’s pretty much the highest form of compliment you can give a creator, right?

Gold DiggingOh, L’amour

14515750_4977755-frm118bl01_lzUpper Class Dealer




Lucy & Dimitri

Treasure Hunt: A Shower Curtain That’s Also Art

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I have mentioned the need for big ass art in our new apartment to you before. I find it hard to commit to something in this area so therefore I don’t want to spend a billion dollars.

Conundrum. Maybe I should DIY something?

Enter my friend and former Park Slope’r (I even have a wee crush on her), Erica Reitman. She posted 7 DIY art projects for big empty spaces on your wall over at the HGTV blog, Design Happens. One in particular stood out for me and that was using a shower curtain as art. (The project was originally posted on 6th Street Design School). I’m sold on the idea and Matt seems to be into it as well. Of course, the first question is where do we find a cool, shower curtain that we wouldn’t mind hanging on our wall? I tried the usual suspects first; Anthro, West Elm, Urban Outfitters, etc. And nothing was really grabbing me. And then,… jackpot: Society6 makes shower curtains now. And now we have a whole new problem. How will we ever agree on one???

So begins The Great Shower Curtain As Wall Art Debate of 2014 (I’d like to say it will definitely be solved by 2015 but you never know). Oh and after we agree on one we have to actually make the thing. But my man is one handy dude and I will provide much needed moral support in the form of high fives and hugs.

So, I’d say we have plan of sorts. Now lets cut to the chase. Here are some shower curtains I wouldn’t mind hanging on our wall.


 All shower curtains found on Society 6

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