Five Things ///// 4.4.2014

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-Have you tried Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer? It’s an amazing drink. And also a very, very, very dangerous one. Try it in a dark and stormy.
-Baseball is back!!! Isn’t it the best? And oh how I’ve missed my beloved Atlanta Braves. Can’t wait to see them at Citi Field in a few weeks.
-My sis has been telling me for forever that Pitch Perfect was the best move ever. I finally watched it last night. And guess what? She was right.
-How cute are my new Nikes?
-It’s been a long times since I’ve fallen in love with a new band. And I need one, ASAP. The Amazing might just snap me out of my rut. I recommend starting with this song.

Any big plans for the weekend? We’ll be picking up our bikes from the shop tomorrow and hopefully there’s a nice long following that. Riding bikes! Now that’s a true sign of Spring. I also have a 4 mile race on Sunday. It’s my first one in awhile so it’s sure to hurt but that’s another sign of Spring, ain’t it? Well, all signs point to warm things ahead. And thank goodness for that.

Happy Friday, friends! xo

Something Weird About My Apartment

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One of the first things people notice in my apartment is the ridiculous wall mounted phone that looks like something out of the hatch on Lost. It’s really big and it sticks out from the wall a lot further than necessary. I’m immune to it now but when people come over for the first time I’m reminded of just how strange the stupid thing is. It works, kind of. When someone buzzes I push a button and it opens the door but we can’t talk on the phone and the weird monitor never shows anything. I’m sure when they installed them (in 1981) the technology was quite impressive but now it just looks silly and dated. Perhaps we’ll say that about iPhones someday. For now, I use it exclusively to let the delivery guy in and take dumb selfies. Come to think of it, I guess it’s not so pointless after all.


Photo Finish

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On the heels of yesterday’s post about Disney I figured I’d share with you two of our snap shots from the trip. Whoever decided to start taking pictures of people on roller coasters was one of the true geniuses of our time. The photos are stupidly expensive but they make me laugh so. freaking. hard. You can’t put a price on joyful laughter, can you? So, I happily fork over the money. Here’s our pics from Space Mountain and Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Please note my expression as compared to the rest of my gang in the first one; cold chillin’ per usual, y’all. I sort of loose my cool in the second pic but don’t even both looking at me, my sis’ face in that one is pretty much the best thing that’s ever happened to me.



But, as it turns out, we’re quite the amateurs in this art form. Next time we have to seriously up our game with an entire photo concept, including props. Check out this collection for ideas. The gauntlet has been thrown.


[images via buzzfeed]

The Magical Times

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I’ve been away in both the physical and the metaphorical sense. Let’s talk about the physical sense though because that’s more fun. I had a week magical times which included a visit from my sis immediately followed by a quick jaunt down to Florida for baseball, Disney and other assorted fun with my sis AND my mom. It was so wonderful to sit in the sun and watch Braves baseball again. It has certainly been a long winter and nothing welcomes the warmer weather like the return of baseball in my opinion. I even have a terrible sunburn on my arm to serve as reminder that yes, summer is indeed on the way. In between baseball games we hit the parks. And Disney was fun but just a tiny bit crowded for my taste. You see, it also happened to be spring break. A minor whoops on our part. And I must say, Disney as an adult is different. As a child, my folks took us to Disney at weird off times like February or lat September so I don’t remember crowds or lines or anything like that. In my wee Amy memory, Disney is simply the most awesome place in the world. And it’s definitely still a wonderful time but Disney is hard work, y’all. And we didn’t even have any little kids with us as an excuse. Three grown ass women walking around Disney and we were beyond exhausted. Of course, we had a ball and we hit the many of the highlights, my favorites of which are Space Mountain, Soarin’ and Tower of Terror. But as I told the two of them as we parted ways in the Orlando airport, our next trip is going to a spa.

Alrighty. It’s good to be back. what have y’all been doing?


All The Chambray Shirts

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I’m not sure when it was exactly that a chambray shirt became an absolute wardrobe essential but I welcomed the change with open arms. And I think spring is within our grasp and the chambray shirt is the perfect layering tool for warmer weather. In fact, I even have a wee addition to chambray shirts. I wear them like I would a cardigan over sundresses and yes, I’ve even been known to rock a Texas Tux every once and awhile. I call denim on denim a Texas Tux or a denim tuxedo. My man prefers Canadian Tux. What do you call this fashion statement? 

Also, and this is important, my wireless network is named denim tuxedo.



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