All The Chambray Shirts

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I’m not sure when it was exactly that a chambray shirt became an absolute wardrobe essential but I welcomed the change with open arms. And I think spring is within our grasp and the chambray shirt is the perfect layering tool for warmer weather. In fact, I even have a wee addition to chambray shirts. I wear them like I would a cardigan over sundresses and yes, I’ve even been known to rock a Texas Tux every once and awhile. I call denim on denim a Texas Tux or a denim tuxedo. My man prefers Canadian Tux. What do you call this fashion statement? 

Also, and this is important, my wireless network is named denim tuxedo.



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Being on The Tonight Show

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I write to you from my sick bed. I’m feeling bad and my sole purpose in life right now is to get better over the next three days because I have a very distinguished sister visitor coming for the weekend. However, I’m not so sick that I can’t share this exciting news: Matt and I were on The Tonight Show! We saw a taping yesterday and we’re fully 100% visible during one of the segments. My sister and I were actually on Jimmy’s Facebook page at the exact same time trying to get tickets for her visit but they were all gone. Like the hero that she is she managed to snag two for yesterday (thanks sis!) so Matt and I happily paid 30 Rock a visit. It was only the 17th episode which made me feel like we were a part of history. Maybe we’ll tell our kids that someday. Billy Eichner was the highlight! The other guests were Tyler Perry and latin pop sensation Juanes. Sad trombone. Matt was pretty bummed that Jimmy didn’t ever take a second to address or thank the audience which he said both Jon Stewart and David Letterman do. And when I saw Conan he also came out and talked to the audience. Surprising, because of all those guys doesn’t it seem like something Jimmy would definitely do?

Oh whatever, we were on TV! Also The Roots!

Watch the whole segment here


Reintroducing: Hue Duos

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As part of my ongoing effort to spruce things up around here, I’m rolling out some new series (like this one from last week) and I’m also resurrecting some oldies (but goodies) from the Old Sweet Song archives. This particular series is a beloved favorite of many of y’all. So, say hello (again) to Hue Duos. And what better way to jump start this series than giving it a new look AND featuring one of my all time favorite color combo platters: mint and red.

Enjoy, my friends.
p.s. revisit some of the Hue Duos posts from the old days

oldsweetsong_hueduos_mintredskinny jeans: red | mint … statement necklaces: red | mint … skinny belts: red | mint … tote bags: red | mint
flats: red | mint … nail polishes: red | mint … dresses: red | mint


Secret Eats

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Y’all are smart people (you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t) so you’re privy to the fact that some restaurants have secret menus. I am completely enthralled by this concept. Perhaps it’s the combo of being in the know, something I love, and eating, something I doubly love. Now the secret menu at In-N-Out is a pretty well known thing, even I’ve ordered from it. And because I’m me it was an awkward exchange because I was sure they would have no idea what I was talking about and then point and laugh and shame me out of the restaurant. But that didn’t happen. I fully enjoyed my animal style burger, my well done fries and my Neopolitan shake – all from the secret menu!

But did you know there are tons of other national chains that offer a secret menu as well? I’m already planning my various secret menu orders because all I do is think about food. What? Lay off me I’m starving.

oldsweetsong_secretmenusFrom Chick-fil-a:
-The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich: not to be confused with the Spicy Chick-fil-a, this sandwich is a regular Chick-fil-a doused in a spicy Buffalo wing-esque sauce. I know a few spicy lovers who would enjoy this.
-Spicy Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich: when you want some spice without the extra calories

From Chipotle:
-Taco Salad: Apparently very rare but worth a shot because a salad atop a giant nacho is a good thing.
-Quesadillas: Sometimes you need the grilled cheese of Mexican food
-Burittodilla: If a burrito and a quesadilla had a baby. A delicious, delicious baby.

From Five Guys:
A Patty Melt: What? WHAT? A delectable Five Guys burger reimagined as one of my #1 hangover sammies. Thank you Jesus!
Well-Done Fries: Because it just makes good sense.
Cheese Fries: See above.

From In-n-Out:
Animal Style Burger: It’s not THAT big of a secret as it’s listed on their website but it’s delicious so who cares. A mustard-cooked beef patty with extra pickles, cheese, “spread” (a.k.a. Thousand Island secret sauce) and grilled onions. This is the best fast food burger I’ve ever had. For serious.
Well-Done Fries: We covered this.
Neopolitan Shake: This is so tasty. All the flavors, together in harmony. And in shake form. Growing up we always had a box of Breyer’s Neopolitan and I would put care and effort into scrapping my spoon along each of the flavors to create a perfect 3-in-1 bite. The good ol’ days.

From Sonic:
Fried Pickles a.k.a. Pickle-O’s: I mean. Come on.
A Dr. Pepper Orgasm: I don’t care what it is. I like Dr. Peppers and I like orgasms. Put it in my mouth.

From Starbucks:
Thin Mint Frappucino: Not a huge frappucino fan but this Thin Mint number calls to me.
Twix Frappucino: It’s hard not to love a Twix bar.
Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte: I’m actually not wild about the combo of chocolate and pumpkin. But maybe some of you are. And this is a democracy. Kinda.

So tell me… Have you ever ordered from a secret menu? Would you? Bring me a patty melt if you go. Thanks you’re the best!

Info + images compiled from #hackthemenu, Ranker and The Daily Meal.

Mix It Up

Posted on | March 5, 2014 | 2 Comments

I’m obsessed with these ridiculously awesome animal hybrids. It’s somehow equal parts adorable and terrifying which is a rare combo in my experience. These are probably my three favorites but I can’t stop starring at the entire collection. Also, I covet these photoshop skillz.

The Heagle03-Heagle

The Belugull24-Belugull

The Purse01-Purse[Animal hybrid collection via Viral Forest]

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