Oscars 2015

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It’s that time of year again. The time of year when I act like maybe I can pull it together and see every movie nominated for an Oscar before the Oscars. I trick myself into thinking this is possible, pretty much every year. And then every year I fall short.

The good news is I’m getting slightly more realistic in my old age. Take for example this year. I probably won’t see every Academy Award nominated movie.

But I might. Because there’s always hope, right?

If you’re keeping tabs:
I have seen: Birdman, Boyhood and The Grand Budapest Hotel (and loved all three)
I have not seen: American Sniper, The Imitation Game, Selma, The Theory of Everything and Whiplash

And of course, The Annual Old Sweet Song Oscar Pool is coming soon. But until then, what have you seen? Any early predictions?


Whole30: 25 Days In

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It’s the 25th Day of my Whole30. Crazy. While the first week felt long and slow, time really started to fly after that. I think my body started to get used to being deprived of sugar/grains and I feel more confident about what to buy, cook and eat.

The Good:
-I feel good! I’m still eating lots of healthy, high-quality food and it’s all very tasty. I’m still cooking lots and lots to create meals based only around protein, vegetables and fat. And with ingredients like lots of avocado and homemade mayo it’s hard to feel like you’re depriving yourself.
-I’ve always been a snacker so I’m trying to eat enough at each meal so that I don’t need one in-between. And it even works sometimes.
-I haven’t weighed myself (you’re not supposed to until the end of your Whole30) but my jeans are definitely fitting better.
-Someone said my skin looked good.
-I think I have more energy and I’m hardly craving grains or sugar. An old fashioned sounds pretty good though. Also, I made these carmelized coconut chips and my life has been changed. They are ridiculously good.

The Bad:
-My sleep hasn’t improved as much as I wanted it to, which was probably my biggest hope for this month. Occasionally I sleep well and through the night (like last night, slept until 7am and didn’t wake up!) but it’s very inconsistent.
-As I said I feel good but I don’t feel out of the world amazing which is also kind of what I was hoping for. I’ve read about some people who feel like they’re drinking tiger blood. No tiger blood for Amy. At least not yet.

Only 6 days left. Check back here for my complete Whole30 review after I finish, including a report on any weight loss and what I’ll do next. And here’s some more of the delicious food I’ve been eating.

Lunch – salad with boiled eggs, walnuts, avocado and vegetables. Lunch – roasted butternut squash and turkey roll-ups. Dinner – mexican chicken soup with guacamole. Breakfast – fried egg, sautéed greens and bacon (sweet, sweet Whole30 approved bacon that I ordered online like a crazy). Breakfast – Scramble with sweet potato, spinach and onion. Dinnerbuffalo chicken salad from Well Fed. Lunch – salad with chicken, whatever veg was in the fridge and coconut flakes. Breakfast - chicken with avocado and pico de galo. Lunch – Yet another salad with chicken and veg, this one had beets. Breakfast – Sweet potato, onion and spinach sautéed with chicken. Dinner – Pretty much the best taco salad ever; chicken, onion and peppers sautéed with taco seasonings on a salad of lettuce and vegetables. With a homemade spicy ranch (using that paleo mayo I’ve been making) and homemade plantain chips on top for some crunch. LunchSweet potato soup with leftover chicken in it.

Just Relax

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We’re finally trying to hang a few things around the homestead. Including this “relax” print which I got years ago from Yeehaw press and has been with me in my last four apartments (including this one) and counting. We decided to hang this gem right by the front door above our coat hooks, encouraging people to hang up their outerwear and just chillax.

But here’s the thing. It’s also just a wonderful life reminder. Especially for a couple of people who are trying to plan a wedding. I knew it would be expensive but I didn’t quite grasp just how expensive. And it’s easy to see how planning one of these things can totally take over your life. There are so many details, so many possibilities, the mind boggles.

But. It’s one party on one day. And there’s a whole life together after that. So I’m taking a cue from my yellow framed friend.

I’m trying to relax.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anyways. Wedding shmedding! What’s new with you?


Hue Duos: Burgundy & Gold

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There’s something really luxurious and opulent about the color combo of burgundy and gold. And there’s also a hint of deliciously cheesy 70’s goodness. Which I love. It’s making me want to buy these.

Also did you have a good weekend? I hope it was long and perhaps a little bit lazy.

oldsweetsong_hueduos_burgundygoldsneakers: gold | burgundy … earrings: gold | burgundy … tote bags: gold | burgundy … sweaters: gold | burgundy …
art prints: gold | burgundy … nail polish: gold | burgundy … bracelets: gold | burgundy … wallpaper: gold | burgundy



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oldsweetsong_nycLife Magazine photo archive

I’m sitting in the Starbuck’s cafe portion of a random Barnes & Noble in Midtown East. I can’t believe how many seats there are. The Barnes & Noble in Union Square is a zoo and you have to fight tooth and nail to share a seat with a bum who is talking to himself. So, I guess the secret is to come uptown. Are you listening, all you freelance-y downtown creative types? It’s embarrassment of riches up here! (and by riches I mean empty seats)

Anyways, I’m waiting to go see the jeweler in the Diamond District about getting my engagement ring resized (it’s way too big and I’m nervous of losing it). Which reminds me, did I ever tell you the terrible story of the first apartment I rented when I moved here? Probably not because it is long and complicated. But I’m killing time here so I’ll give it a go.

So I rented an apartment (via craigslist like an idiot!) from this man who turned out to be quite the shady character, Daniel Cuervo. Of course, the apartment wasn’t the one from the pictures. It was one room. The “kitchen” was a mini-fridge and a hotplate. There was no AC (it was August!) and it had horrible bright green carpet. It was only temporary until the fall (when I would find an apartment with my friend Jeff and my sister), so I made it work. I bought a tiny fan from Duane Reade and took lots of cold showers. I started getting my dinner, usually a chicken salad sandwich, from the deli downstairs. I was working all the time so I really only needed a place to sleep. It wasn’t the lap of luxury. In fact, it wasn’t even close, but it was fine.

One day maybe two weeks after living there, Daniel Cuervo showed up and said he had a “better” apartment for me. He told me to pack my things and he would move them for me during the day while I was at work. So I did. And he did. I slept at a new place that night. Then the next day the same thing happened. He moved me again. It was unsettling, to say the least because he wouldn’t even tell me where I was sleeping until that night. On the third day he moved me again and when he called to tell me the address of my newest abode he also said I needed to lie and tell the doorman I was “Veronica’s roommate” and that the secret password was “Paco.”

Um. What?

6d3e8dab0e05fd7d_landingLife Magazine photo archive

I worked late that night and so it wasn’t until about 1am when I was finally standing outside a random office building in the Diamond District wondering how in the hell I had ended up in this situation. I kept checking the address he had given me because the building did not look like an apartment building. The glass doors were locked and behind them I saw a marble lobby with a reception desk and a sign listing all of the businesses inside. I buzzed and heard a muffled voice through the intercom.

“Uhhh, hi,” my shaky voice answered, “I’m Veronica’s roommate?”


At that point I did what any normal human being would do in a situation like this. I started crying and called my mom. Of course, she couldn’t do anything from Atlanta other than worry and fret but I didn’t know what else to do. I tried the buzzer again, took a deep breath and said a single word…


I heard the buzz of the door opening and ultimately I found my way to the efficiency apartment/weird hotel hidden within this building deep in the Diamond District.

I had a place to sleep for the night, so that was good.

My relationship with Daniel Cuervo didn’t last much longer. After that night he set me up at the Ramada in Midtown East while the apartment he had for me was allegedly getting renovated. I moved into the Ramada for the weekend and never heard from him again. He still owed me a month or so of rent and he booked the room using a fraudulent credit card in my name.

Daniel Cuervo was a bad man, and the fact that there are bad people everywhere in this town is a lesson we all learn. It just happened to be my very first.

Daniel Cuervo if you’re reading this, I still want my money.

And karma’s a bitch.

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