Five Things ///// 2.27.15

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oldsweetsong_5things_2.27.15Happy Weekend, friends. Here’s five things for you. xo

-Exciting news my mom and sis are flying up here today so we can wedding dress shop all weekend. I hope I find a purdy one. Spoiler alert: it will be nothing like that dress.
-Grapefruit because it’s all I want to eat these days (I would make broiled grapefruit if they ever hung around long enough).
-All the bourbon cocktails because they’re tasty and because bourbon.
-This guy. Because between wedding planning and honeymoon planning and what-are-we-going-to-put-on-the-registry conversations the fact is we’re get married in almost two months. Which is fantastic. And also insane. But mostly fantastic. (and maybe a tiny bit terrifying?)
-I drink a lot of coffee and my Nespresso has faithfully aided in my dependency. Bonus: it came with a milk frother which I am quite fond of.

The Best Part of the Oscars

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Big surprise the best part of the Oscars wasn’t all the inappropriate face touching (courtesy of John Travolta), the awkward mom/daughter tension between Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson on the red carpet or Terrence Howard’s super uncomfie moment in the spotlight. It wasn’t even the excitement that the 2015 The Old Sweet Song Oscar Pool added to the evening (congratulations to my aunt who won for the second time in a row!).

The speeches were great and uplifting. Suicide, an issue particularly close to my heart, was mentioned twice. And Jennifer Aniston looked amazing.

But, if you ask this art director, the best part of the Oscars was the design of the title cards that announced the categories and the nominees. They were smart and simple and elegant which is usually the sweet spot of amazing graphic design. Artfully crafted by Henry Hobson, they really stood out from what was otherwise a fairly MEH show.

I’m a sucker for any still life scenes shot from above so the Production Design sequence was appealing to me.

oldsweetsong_oscars2015_titlecards(images source)

And the title sequence of Best Picture Nominees was wonderfully designed as well. These are better than the actual movie posters.

Best Picture Oscar Nomination Title Sequence – 2015 from henry hobson directing & design on Vimeo.


Inspiration Folder: Transparent

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I was sick a few weeks ago and therefore was couch bound all weekend. While nursing myself back to health, I watched a disturbing amount of TV. One of the many things I watched was the show Transparent. Have you seen it? I was curious after it won the Golden Globe for best tv series comedy (but of trivia: it’s the first online series to win a best series Golden Globe drama or comedy). Looking for something new to sink my teeth into I decided to check it out during My Great/Sick Weekend of Televison. Spoiler alert: I watched the entire season back to back in one sitting. It is truly a fantastic show. The subject matter, a father with three grown children who identifies as a woman, is fascinating and complex. The characters are well-written and messy. The cast (Jeffrey Tambor, Judith Light and Gabby Hoffman to name a few) is perfect. And I don’t know about you but I love nothing more than having a whole season of one show to watch. Greedily binging on delicious entertainment is the perfect sickness activity.

Anyways, just watch it and thank me later.


The Importance of Pitchers and Catchers

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Hallelujah! Pitchers and catchers report today. This means many things. Spring training officially starts and ball games begin in a couple of weeks. Baseball season is in our midst and spring and warmth are right behind it. But perhaps most importantly, when pitchers and catchers report it makes you stop and think “hey, it might actually not be winter someday.” And that is a fantastic proposition.

This wondrous occasion happens around the same time every year. And it perfectly coincides with that time when winter is being it’s most dick-ish. The party is over and you really want to go to go to bed but winter is a little drunk and isn’t picking up on your subtle cues and he just opened another bottle of wine. I’ll paint you a picture, it’s three degrees, there’s black ice on the corners and banks of old snow caked in dirt, soot, dog piss and cigarettes butts line every sidewalk. Behold the beauty, my friends.

But. Just when there’s no hope, just when you start to accept the fact that this freezing cold hellscape is your permanent reality. Ta-da! Pitchers and catchers report just in time, signaling that this madness will indeed end and a day will come when you don’t have to wear your stupid, puffy coat and your effective but annoyingly clunky snow boots.

Now just hurry the eff up and get here.

Wedding Wednesdays: The Honeymoon(ers)

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We are planing a wedding. In fact, it’s kind of all I do. But we’re also starting to plan what comes after the wedding: our honeymoon. What’s more fun than that?! I’ve always thought leaving directly after the wedding for your honeymoon seemed like a bad idea. It’s almost too much excitement all at once for this gal. I like the idea of honeymooning a few weeks after the wedding if only to avoid blowing our proverbial fun wad. I’d like to come down from all the wedding excitement and then head somewhere awesome, rested and ready for fun.

But the question is: where in the heck (on this big blue marble of ours) should we go? Too many options. Brain overloaded.

Here’s some vital info:
– We’ll be traveling in June or July
– We hope to go for around two weeks
– We’d like beach-y but with some exploration/activity involved. Meaning: we don’t want to go and be trapped for two weeks at a resort. We might like to spend a couple days at a resort but ideally we’d want to move locations and try something else also.
– Good food because we really enjoy putting it into our mouths

Kauai is a front runner due to the trifecta of beaches, exploring/outdoor activities and food. But we are open to anything. Also in contention: British Virgin Islands, Bali, Thailand, Greece and whatever fantastic ideas you have that haven’t even dawned on us.

So. Where would you want to go? Or where did you go? Did you love it? What would you do differently?

Bestow upon me your brilliance my internet friends.

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