Goodbye pizza

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So, it’s official. I will be doing my first Whole 30 in January (I’ll be starting the second to be exact). I’ve really slipped with my diet and I think a reset is just what I need. I’d like to lose weight, yes. But I’m also curious to see if it will effect my sleep and/or how I feel in general. Oh and I wouldn’t mind if  it helped my skin either. I’ve read that it can effect all of these things and much more. I’m nervous but also excited. Of course, I still have 10 days left to live it up and I’m sure I’ll be indulging a little more than normal because it’s the holidays (pass the cookies/pie/cheeseplate please) and because I know what looms in the new year for your truly.

Have you ever tried a Whole 30 or any elimination diet? Any advice?

p.s. I think I’ll miss pizza most of all.


 Image from What’s Gaby Cooking

Gift Guide: The Sex In The City Fan

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1. The one, the only Magnolia cupcakes because even though they are a bit overrated in my opinion, they’re still pretty darn tasty and you an order them online now 2. The Way We Were 3. A signature name necklace just like Carrie’s 4. Post-its, you know in case you need to break up with anyone 5. A Vogue subscription 6. A fabulous tu-tu skirt… and the balls to wear it 7. Obligatory I <3 NY tote bag 8. Fancy cosmo mix 9. I am kidding, you should not buy anyone cigarettes because they are terrible for you! 10. A pair of Manholos, because maybe every woman should have one 11. A rabbit, because maybe every woman should have one of those, too

Five Things For Friday ///// 12.12.14

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oldsweetsong_5things_12.12.14These cozy pants because I’ve been searching for something comfy to lounge around (must have: an elastic waist band) and Gap finally delivered.
Miami! because I’m headed there this morning for my cousin’s wedding and to have a fun getaway weekend with my mom, sis and other extended family. The high is 70!
This ice cream because it’s the most delicious I’ve ever had and you can order it online now (best Christmas gift ever, I’d say). FYI, it’s from Ample Hills, which is a fantastic ice creamery and it just so happens to be a single block away from my front door.
One of the greatest holiday cards I’ve seen from the ever hilarious, Sapling Press.
This book, because I just started reading it and I can tell it’s going to be a doozy.

Ask Tammy: A Whole 30?

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So excited to have my good friend (and one of my favorite people ON THE PLANET) back today for another Ask Tammy. By the way, if y’all have any health or wellness questions for Tammy, email me because I’d love to hear them. Also stay tuned because in January I’ll be giving away a brand new copy the cookbook Tammy co-wrote, A Good Food Day. Of course, if you can’t wait you can always pre-order one right this very second on Amazon. And don’t forget to sign up for Tammy’s newsletter, I do love it when it shows up in my inbox. Now, let’s get to it shall we?

Amy: I’m considering doing a Whole30 in January – any thoughts or red flags?


 image credit: Naturally Ella

From Tammy: 

I’m all for it. As diet programs go, the Whole 30 (and the less strict Paleo) is pretty solid because it focuses on real food, it doesn’t involve calorie-counting or weighing yourself, and it doesn’t promote the bullshit quick-fix mentality of those 3-day juice cleanses. There are no red flags to speak of, but I do have four tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t eat the same foods the whole time. Use your Whole 30 to cook new foods you haven’t tried or that you don’t eat often, instead of nailing baked potatoes, bacon and gobs of almond butter HARD for 30 days. With meat, venture beyond chicken and beef. The same is true for greens – spinach and kale are fantastic, but don’t overlook collards, Swiss chard, bok choy, mustard greens, dandelion greens, etc. Mix it up for optimal benefits and minimal food boredom.
  1. Keep an open mind about your results. The Whole 30 is about reducing inflammation, so think beyond weight loss. It’s likely, but not a given. The tangible results to pay attention to are improved sleep, less digestive ick, more energy, better skin, less sugar cravings, etc. These are the true measures of good health and reduced inflammation.
  1. Along those lines, don’t expect to have the same results as someone (a significant other, a friend) doing the program with you. That’s true for any style of eating you and a bestie decide to try together. We’re all different and no single way of eating works in the same way for everyone. 
  1. At the end of the 30 days, introduce one category from the “no” list at a time (every 5 days is a good rule of thumb), rather than introducing sugar, grains, and beans all in a few days. This way, you can better pinpoint which (if any) of the foods you cut out are problematic for you. This is KEY to any elimination diet, not just Whole 30. 

Gift Guide: The Seinfeld Fan

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In honor of the holiday season may I present: gift ideas for the Seinfeld lover in your life.

Not a Seinfled fan? No problem. Stay tuned as I reveal three more gift guides based on beloved TV shows.

And, did I have way too much fun making these?


oldsweetsong_seinfeldgiftguide1. Juinor Mints, because “(W)ho’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint, it’s delicious.” 2. A Pez dispenser 3. A Black & White cookie “Look to the cookie, Elaine!” 4. A J. Peterman gift card (maybe they still have the Urban Sombrero?) 5. Velvet (for draping yourself in) 6. Trivial Pursuit 7. The perfect cereal bowl 8. Face paint because “ya gotta support the team.” 9. Pretzels (for making you thirsty) 10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Schindler’s List and The Eagles Greatest Hits


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